Razer’s ‘Hypersense’ vibration tech shakes your whole gaming rig

Razer Hypersense demo

Hypersense will definitely take a little developer buy-in to really become successful. In our demo, all parts of the system seemed to vibrate simultaneously regardless of the on-screen action, and I think they were pulsing to the music. Still, if developers are willing to tune their games for the haptics there’s the seed of an interesting idea here.

The Nintendo Switch has remarkably expressive haptics that add more to the gameplay experience than I’d have ever expected. Compared to the blunt buzz of most controllers, the Switch can conjure a range of sensation to match the action on screen. I would love to bring some of that fine-detail vibration to PC gaming, just maybe stick to a mouse or gamepad. I’m not sure I need my head to vibrate.

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