Be Quiet slims down the Dark Rock 4

Be quiet! is a name better known to our readers outside of the U.S. than on our home turf, and yet the company’s products have been finding their way to this side of the Atlantic more frequently of late. You can find the massive Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler over on Newegg right now, for example. For folks who find that giant block of aluminum fins to be too, uh, giant, be quiet! is about to release the Dark Rock Slim.

The German company acknowledges that while the Dark Rock 4 coolers owe their high performance to their enormous bulk, that same size also makes them difficult to use on machines employing tall RGB LED-equipped RAM or motherboards with outsized VRM cooling. To that end, the Dark Rock Slim is the Dark Rock 4 on a diet, which itself is a Dark Rock Pro 4 on a diet.

Despite the slimmer size, be quiet! says the Dark Rock Slim can cool CPUs producing up to 180W of heat. Be quiet! includes one of its own own Silent Wings 3 premium fans with the cooler, and the mounting hardware is decoupled from the heatsink itself so that you can add your own fan if you like. It also includes installation clamps for you to attach a second fan if you have the space. There are four copper heat pipes in board.

If you’re after a blacked-out lightweight tower cooler, keep an eye out for the Dark Rock Slim in Q2 of this year. There’s no set price yet, but a rep for be quiet! told us that the cooler to go for about $50 USD when it launches.

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